COYOTE NM-LOW 001 Handmade Moccasin


COYOTE NM-LOW 001 Handmade Moccasin

$ 298.00

Our first foray into footwear. This is a handmade moccasin from a singular incredibly skilled Native American craftsman located in Gallup, New Mexico. Each pair is painstakingly created by hand according to our specifications and including our own custom enhancements to add to the comfort and quality of an already timeless pair of moccasins. The deep mesa red color and natural hide sole fit perfectly into the beautiful depth of the natural colors of the landscape of the four corners region of the American Southwest.

Featuring brass metal lace tips, custom air circulating foot pads and a grippy topy thin sole added for stability and comfort.

Handmade and sourced 100% in Gallup, New Mexico.

Footbed naturally contours to the shape of your foot over time.

Leather is thick, yet breathable and will last a generation if not longer. These shoes are often passed down generation to generation as a testament to their enduring quality.

We recommend sizing up one half size to whatever size you wear in Nike shoes as a reference. These shoes fit slightly slimmer to typical running and athletic shoes. For example, if you wear a size 10 in Nike shoes, you should get a size 10.5.

Each pair is custom made by a single craftsman for each order, so please allow up to 1-3 weeks for delivery depending on demand, etc.

10% of our proceeds will go to the Navajo Water Project. We didn't only want to highlight and embrace a community and culture full of art and incredibly talented craftsmen, we wanted to source the entire project from that same local community. These shoes are 100% made and sourced from Gallup, New Mexico. In addition, we are giving 10% of our profits to ensure that we help the community with an issue that looks to only increase with the advent of global warming. Going forward, we hope to find ways to adopt strategies that have a multi-faceted approach to increasing awareness to important social issues while also directly giving back to communities and cultures that are rich with vibrance and beauty and have inspired us in innumerable ways. We thank you sincerely in your support, simply by reading this paragraph you have become aware of one of many social issues facing indigenous communities right here in the United States. For your attention, we are extremely grateful.


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